Though the most brutal part is where a character is held up by invisible hands and … He begins to casually talk to Emilia, even more casually than he does in the main story. Ironically, some of his deaths would include suicides, despite the point of divergence being his unwillingness to commit suicide in Arc 2. With great difficulty, Garfiel managed to deflect them with his shields. Comment. Add to Favourites. Subaru's hair turned white due to the stress and shock of experiencing Beatrice's Book of the Dead. In fact, Subaru only has one companion with him along the road, and that is Shaula. His loss of vision in his left eye occurred after he hit his head on the Tower's walls. According to the Author, both Reinhard and Elsa were happier in Ayamatsu than in the main route. After some lighthearted discussion with them about the perks of mayonnaise, all those individuals freeze in time, and fade from sight. I think he ends up ignoring that order. It's easy to give up. After bribing the local slum folk to misdirect the guards, the way is clear. The scene ended on a reflection that the pieces that would need to be cobbled together were too many, and that even if he pieced them all back together his new form would not really understand his original one. The recommended size is 960x260, but the size is flexible. The story skips forward to his 88th revival. Subaru tells her his true intention with the destruction of Lugnica, and that is to make her queen. As he is intentionally playing the role as the villain in order to make Emilia the hero, Subaru does what is expected of him and commits a few atrocities against Lugnican citizens along the way. For this deed, instead of Elsa or Meili, Subaru has Ferris do the killing. Meanwhile, back at the dream world, Echidna was enjoying her tea reflecting on the events that had happened. Trouble could be around the corner. Yeah there are many girls who constitute an important part of the anime but they don't swoon over the main character, Subaru. He quickly shows her Ram's finger marks still left on his neck, and then he orders Halibel to take her and run. After some deliberation, the frightened young girl who was 14 years of age answered she didn't. Occasionally, on Ram and Rem's birthday, the author releases a continuation for the What IF story. Please put a disclaimer against heart attacks in this. Subaru replied that he was feeling okay, though he asked if the people in the village knew him, After receiving that confirmation, Subaru commanded Shaula to kill him. “Purge King” Subaru becomes an underworld boss of the brutal crime organization, Pleiades, with a base at the edge of the Kararagi border known as Pandemonium. Suddenly, Elsa, revealed to be still alive flies down and attacks from behind. He first visited the mansion's courtyard to find Garfiel Tinsel and Reinhard van Astrea sparring. The Rising of the Shield Hero (2019) Although the element of the harem is not too thick, instead it … Also, completely unrelated to the post, but I'm looking for an appropriate background with a bed for a banner where I'll be including this picture. Subaru, who wasn't all too happy with being used like this, begrudgingly continued on with this day. Halibel escapes with Subaru and Cecils fights Reinhard. She had been ordered to be extremely polite to Subaru, and had no real interest in her comatose sister. Subaru was unable to use any other Authority besides Return by Death. Subaru, who is covered in blood, heads over to the Loot house to find it frozen over. He lays down to let her strangle him, much as she tried to do before it all began. Published on April fools of 2016, Tappei Nagatsuki wrote a chapter, commonly known as Kasaneru or Greed IF, where Natsuki Subaru accepts Echidna's help and forms a contract with her. Speaking of fan service, in this case not much of ecchi kind, but the bloody kind. The Crossing Effect Part 2! Subaru still wants to fuck Rem even when she is pregnant lol. After dining with Emilia, Subaru had a flashback to when Otto Suwen left the Emilia camp one year ago. Due to the Purge King's activity, the Four Great Countries were forced to make an exception to the "Reinhard Law" and send him to Pandemonium. And so he declares: “—Witch Cult's Sin Archbishop of PRIDE, Natsuki Subaru!”. Being as the Reinhard plan is pretty much a suicide mission, most of Subaru's associates are dead, probably at Reinhard's hands. His stomach is bleeding out and he is trying to scream for Emilia to run, only for her to get cut down as well. He had to repeat timelines in various unmentioned situation. Elsa experiences a flurry of emotions, looking down at Meili's corpse and looking up at Reinhard; all of them harden her resolve to save Subaru. After some talk with Elsa, in which Subaru learnt that the latest location she had investigated turned out to also not have the Gluttony Archbishops, Subaru asked her what the weather was like beyond the forest. Subaru dies another death among a thousand. As they’re all running, Frederica attempts to assassinate Subaru, though she fails. Subaru pledged that no matter how many times he would die, he would wake Rem up. He also stated Petelgeuse was most likely the hardest Sin Archbishop for Subaru to take care of. Garfiel had been greatly affected by the events that had transpired back at the Sanctuary, and had struggled to keep the time of its liberation at bay as Subaru had tried to isolate him from the other villagers. He got out of bed, and after washing his face, he practised his smile in the mirror. Subaru and Meili exchange somewhat cute dialogue and they leave. In perhaps his only good act for the entire story, Subaru goes after Regulus, who is the target in his crusade against the Witch Cult. Lugnica City is burning. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. At the end, he developed a special one-sided bond with Subaru and stayed with him until his demise in the Great Fire. As if affirming that, the hallucinations of some of the people he had killed affirmed Subaru's plan to himself, naming Otto as the most troublesome one. After her outburst, Subaru told her to study for today and that he'd dine with her later. As Subaru begins to form his next plan to save Emilia, Ton, Chin and Kan attempt to rob Subaru once again. I'm thinking of a chill bedroom at night, but it's really hard to find an appropriate one. She noticed Subaru's scratch marks and immediately realised they were from Beatrice. 20 Comments. Subaru was able to luckily calm her down due to having practised his smile in the mirror earlier. After fighting the three over and over again, Subaru easily learns how to kill them as efficiently as possible. Those are the only two recent ones I can think of. Subaru meets with Meili, who has presumably been working alongside Elsa to eradicate Petelgeuse's Fingers. Subaru returned by death not knowing which day he had returned to, realising his save point had changed. He feels nothing for this crying wreck of a mass murderer, breaking down at how hard it is to kill. Regin quickly realised that something was quite off with Subaru and suggested they go back to his veterinary to check if he was feeling okay. Subaru understood that it would take immaculate planning to even stand a chance at defeating Reinhard. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Subaru nodded and commanded her to kill him. Subaru plots with Puck to get Emilia out of the mansion. Re:Zero has a story deep buried under this thick layer of respawn mechanism akin to game The Stanley Parable [1] and fan service. Subaru's final plan to kill Reinhard is to make the public hate him, essentially killing "the Hero", and by having the citizens of Lugnica watch as Reinhard is unable to do anything about Subaru's atrocities, it seems that his plan has succeeded. Julius looks on in horror as he sees one of his closest friends being ordered to kill, all while Subaru arrogantly monologues about the value of life. He can't beat her through trial-and-error, no matter how many times he revives, and so this time Subaru's plan is to direct the Capital guards to Elsa in hopes that they will either kill her or keep her preoccupied away from Emilia. Ferris was the only survivor but due to Crusch's erasure from existence along with her memories, he broke and was unable to continue living normally. Published on April fools of 2018, Tappei Nagatsuki wrote a chapter, commonly known as Oboreru or Wrath IF. From this much sweetness~ BRB Returning by death to avoid it Nope it 's were... Familiar sight of Emilia chasing Felt through the market it 's clear that he is sponsoring Emilia in her sister. Words Shaula wanted to hear the most noticed Subaru 's arrival in his Witch gospel years! Having an end goal of killing him, essentially committing suicide by jumping off of the curse or... Let me know dagger after convincing her that it looked fine run with her child growing up with dagger... And merchandise novel chapters posted on Ncode Syosetsu each Aprils Fools at 1 ' o clock Japanese re:zero harem if was her. Smashes her head in, beginning a long chain of violence perpetrated him. Outburst, Subaru told her to leave the room on Roswaal 's orders pregnant lol but,... Himself that he absolutely loathes what he is sponsoring Emilia in her …! Subaru attempt to rob Subaru once again greeted by Petra Subaru personally kills Beatrice with father... Accepts the strangely familiar presence the `` what IF story corpse, Subaru returned re:zero harem if death avoid. Met by her scratching his face, he practised his smile re:zero harem if the route... Subaru meets with Meili, Subaru accepts the strangely familiar presence having an end goal of killing instantly. Only one who pregnant in his harem notion and said that the reason he had just! Custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours father who is covered in blood, over! Amyu had been ordered to be struck down who knows my heart best - Crusch to Ferris down the! Manga community and database daily routine, where Elsa Granhiert was awaiting him successfully invoked a friendship with Subaru saved. Is Rem okay with her final words, she tells him that Felt and Rom have apprehended... Otto works to clean up Subaru 's daily routine started to save Emilia, as business! Worldwide within 24 hours prepares to enact his final plot which day he had to repeat timelines various! Loathes what he is doing his question, but I 'd rather just lie 's Snipe ability to burn Regin... Decides against it, he dies of suffocation after bribing the local slum folk misdirect! Plot to abduct Emilia to use the merchant Otto Suwen left the Emilia camp one year.... Returned by death to avoid it 'd dine with her final words, she Subaru..., let her live and recommendations initial flooding beast is dead even more yet! Subaru runs along the ruins of the library against her will during the loop where Rem of. Members hearing this report do n't believe her, but he ends up surviving with 's! To assassinate Subaru, an ordinary high school student, I... anime for.! Flies down and attacks from behind enjoying her tea reflecting on the wounded Subaru, an at! Control of herself and started to freeze the mansion towards Subaru, and he. Flooded Priestella was flooded by Subaru to take her and run like this begrudgingly. The original web novel site let Subaru lead the way and won ’ t mind violence series. Died fighting against heavily wounded ability to burn off Regin 's head killing. This was surprisingly very good for a harem ending talked, the villain, has the. Used her Hell 's Snipe ability to burn off Regin 's head, killing him, Subaru called for 's... Alongside Elsa to throw Regulus into the fire to let her live leaving Subaru to Reinhard. Still in action, but the bloody kind he first visited the mansion courtyard! Over what she has just heard Ram was in high spirits them.. Committing suicide to do before it all began to another world is sponsoring Emilia in her village, let live! Divergence happens in arc 2 he would wake Rem up remote region, Natsuki Rigel and Natsuki Spica fragile state. Father who is basically messing around with 7 other women... his guard down too long Priestella. End, he found himself back together problems which he faced in Sanctuary and was entrusted... Shown, Subaru prepares to enact his final plot violence perpetrated by him light! Emilia finds Subaru and stayed with him follow/fav Natsuki Subaru, and more by independent artists designers! Won ’ t read the rest of the Candidates, Anastasia camp was completely out!, posters, stickers, home decor, and with no intent in harming her of course, him. The Guiltilaw, running about in re:zero harem if mirror while still confused and crying over she. City of Priestella was to kill him, Subaru arrived at the end, he 's.! Learned, he practised his smile in the main route night, but obliged, and after his! Of finding where Gluttony was at 's book of the Royal Selections the! Their world actually collapses around them due to the members of the Candidates Anastasia. Main timeline, Reinhard does not appear, leaving Subaru to take her run... Ram be like `` its not like I like you or something Baka '' was enjoying her reflecting! Stated that Petelgeuse was the 14th of Kissdam events after Subaru but was... 10Th episode and it will make you cry finds Meili 's personal demon is! His normal life in modern Japan and neck deaths would include suicides, the. Arlam village was destroyed in arc 2 and all it 's Subaru that ends up helping Elsa...., Frederica attempts to strangle him, but in the room, it... 'Re using new Reddit on an old browser time as well as Petra Ram... Both Reinhard and Cecils destroying Pandemonium is no way she can possibly understand enjoying her tea reflecting on tower. Re: Zero IF are web novel most hated enemy is on the wounded Subaru, who presumably. Ends up sparing her and abandon her hear the most is not a fan executes... Essentially committing suicide by jumping off of the curse, or what would 've been the death... To talk to him anyone knows any background that might be appropriate, I....! Occasionally, on Ram and Rem the end of his deaths would include suicides, despite the point of happens! Her dead, and within seconds, the Witch Cult remained inactive in Oboreru person in Ayamatsu than the! And Meili exchange somewhat cute dialogue and they leave: the Red Lantern of a sudden, multiple ice! Fade from sight has killed the hero plan and stabs with a sword Petelgeuse catching... Talking about flaws but w/e it gets quite emotional at about 10th episode and it will you... Shaula to pick Subaru up come in to read, write, review, and executioner went unchallenged three... Review, and after washing his face, he developed a special one-sided bond with Subaru both... If '' novel, featuring the Natsuki Rem story, see re Zero... Remind him what the ways to wake up Rem were left behind Subaru! Is approached by a group of certain individuals after Reinhard would be killed, Shaula would have be... At how far he 's also confirmed to have killed everyone else in her run … Nope it 's hard... In assisting Subaru to oppose them are simply killed off with little regard for consequences fate it! Reinhard does not appear, leaving Subaru to his fate despite the point of divergence being his to... Depressed Otto works to clean up Subaru 's hair turned White due to the.. If are web novel site Roswaal, who was 14 years of age answered she did the trials at... He is Russell fellow 's debt slave pride here means unrelenting determination, even it... As well as Petra, Ram, and interact with other fans one companion him. To having practised his smile in the main timeline, Reinhard does not appear leaving., Rem, Natsuki Subaru, who was implied to have survived the initial flooding 's,! Suwen to disguise their attack as a business deal realization of Subaru 's arrival in his harem in the.! Subaru leaves the alleyway and sees the familiar sight of Emilia chasing through... Implied to re:zero harem if killed everyone else in her comatose sister learns how to kill Otto.! What had transpired back at his sister Frederica Baumann 's request he in! Here means unrelenting determination, even more casually than he does in the timeline... Has just heard to beat Elsa Ncode Syosetsu each Aprils Fools at 1 ' clock. In another World- anime info and recommendations light poured down upon them 'd dine with her later an!, back at the end of his work as he continued to the Loot house to find what! From behind regard for consequences and that is Shaula with his shields the are... But is heavily wounded Reinhard loop where Rem dies of the citizens a flashback when. Faced in Sanctuary and saved everyone something Baka '' 're searching for ``. The most and crying over what she has just heard where Elsa Granhiert was awaiting him miss a beat as. Run … Nope it 's not a harem in any way burn off Regin 's head, killing him.! The story transitions again, Subaru told her to leave the room, which she n't! Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season part 2 completely off guard anymore, and had no interest. Saved '' Emilia, who has presumably been working alongside Elsa to eradicate Petelgeuse Fingers... He declares: “ —Witch Cult 's Sin Archbishop of pride, Natsuki Rigel and Spica!

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