Click the link above to view more information on this litter. }; Contact Us: 336-915-2510 or email us at for more information. // If the prodct is not a dog FULL PRICE, add the item standard What a phenomenal litter of traditional black tri standard bernedoodle puppies. Kansas City, MO, If you would like more information on this Traditional black tri, standard Bernedoodle please click on the link. location.href="/cart"; Mechanicburg, Pennsylvania, If you would like more information on this merle tri, standard Bernedoodle please click on the link. THEY ARE HERE!! F2 Bernedoodles: F2 Bernedoodles are the result of breed two F1 Bernedoodles. chosenVariantEl.html().toLowerCase().includes('full adoption fee') : false; It is typical for a bernedoodle to be a moderately active breed and daily exercise should be sufficient to satisfy their needs. } F1 Standard Bernedoodle - These Bernedoodles are a 50% poodle and a 50% Bernese Mountain Dog. At Prairie Hill Puppies, we’re pleased to offer beautiful Bernedoodle puppies for sale. Marco Island, Florida. Sign up to our newsletter for the latest news and special offers. Sable Tri Color Standard Bernedoodle girl. }, So if you are looking for a Bernedoodle that doesn’t shed hair, you should not get an F2 Bernedoodle. Shopify.onError(XMLHttpRequest, textStatus); The F1 Standard Bernedoodle can be bred with a Bernese Mountain Dog sire and a Standard Poodle Dam or, Vice Versa, a Standard Poodle Sire and a Bernese Mountain Dog dam. Vaccination records will be provided upon pickup/delivery. Something to keep in mind about this breed is that they need a lot of human attention and do not fair well with being alone for very long periods at a time. const chosenVariant = chosenVariantEl.val() || 37748330070169; data: custom, ADN-226843 ... Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale in Pennsylvania (PA), USA. Discover more about our Bernedoodle puppies for sale below! dataType: 'json', }; More Info She will make a great addition to your family! Please Click on the link to see more information on this litter of Standard size Bernedoodle puppies. } F1 puppies are less likely to have the inherit health issues of the purebred dog. That is not to say that is is not possible for a bernedoodle to develop a health problem, all breeds have the possibility to have health defects. Male Bernedoodle-Tri color Standard Bernedoodle, Male Standard  Bernedoodle- Tri - Color Shawnee, Kansas, Black, white, tan Standard Bernedoodle Excelsior Springs, Missouri, Missouri Standard Bernedoodle-Male- Lake Forest, Illinois, Standard Bernedoodle male. // Set up custom add to cart logic starting with selected dog variant If you would like more information on this Traditional black tri, standard Bernedoodle please click on the link. In this combination you get the same percentage of Bernese as Poodle as you would in the F1 Bernedoodle. Their coat comes in a variety of colors such as black, white, tan, brindle or a combination thereof. When comparing the two coats the curly coat will almost certainly shed less than the wavy coat and may be more suitable for allergy sufferers. Please click on the link to see more information, or to Reserve Standard bernedoodle Pacey. Click the link for more information on this Standard Bernedoodle litter. jQuery.ajax(nonDogParams); APRI, AKC or CKC registered. Bernedoodle puppies arrive in a multitude of colors: the highly coveted and flashy tricolor, as well as black & white bicolor, and varieties of sable and phantom. for(let i=0; i
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